Have Your Facebook Posts Automatically Sent to Twitter

The easiest way to to extend your social media reach is to post on more than one platform.  Whenever I post to Facebook, I automatically have the post forwarded to twitter. Our Twitter feed automatically shows on our website.

The more automated you can do this, the better. Thanks to the good folks at Big Fin for such clear instructions!

Post Facebook to Twitter

Post Facebook to Twitter Using These Steps :

1. Login to Facebook
2. Open a second browser
3. Login to twitter

4. Click on the link  https://www.facebook.com/twitter

If you have more then one account, make sure that Facebook is connecting to the account that you intend to connect!!

5. Edit any settings that you wish to change (Status Updates, Photos, Video Links, etc)

6. Click on the Link to Twitter button.

That’s it! Your Facebook will now automatically post to your Twitter account whenever you post on your connected Facebook profile.

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