SnagIt…The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool

If I was stranded on a deserted island (complete with computer and electricity) and had to only take ONE helpful PC productivity utility, hands down I would pick SnagIt by TechSmith.

SnagIt is a screen capture tool that makes annotating instructions and sharing screen grabs very easily. I can’t tell you how often I use this…virtually EVERY DAY.

I use an older version SnagIt 8.2.2 because it works with Windows 7 and keeps the interface super simple.

Here is an great example..lets say you want to download SnagIt and give it a try yourself. I could give you a link (Click Here) , but when you get to the page, what should you click on?…there are so many links!!!!

Don’t make people guess! Add an arrow…show them. Help other’s succeed.

I start the program by hitting the print screen key, click and drag over the area I want to capture, add an arrow and viola!

snag it

Now you can see which link to use. No mistakes. You don’t need to contact me for further instruction and I didn’t waste your time by making you click through to the wrong options.

Another thing I love is when you close SnagIt, you can set it so it automatically places the image into the clipboard. This makes it SUPER SIMPLE to paste these into your email program.

It’s great for writing instructions or sending messages to tech support. What did the message say? Don’t guess…show them exactly by taking a screen shot.


Need to resize an image? Yes, you could open PhotoShop, but that’s like using a cannon to kill a gnat…most of the time I use SnagIt.

Try it…I guarantee that you’ll like it.

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