Best iPad Apps for Creatives


I’ve had an iPad for two years and can’t say enough good things about it.  Back in the day, I had considered getting a netbook so i could check email when I was out of the office, but I am SO GLAD I got the iPad instead. It has become an essential productivity (calendar, task list, email), as well as casual, web browsing/video watching/gaming device. I use a TON apps for ORGANIZING my creative work, but with the exception of photography, I don’t use many apps DOING my creative work.

I ran across this list of the 50 Best iPad Apps For Creatives, gathered from suggestions from other creative professionals. There’s lots of things here that piqued my curiosity…out of the 50, I only had 2, Flipboard and SnapSeed.

Now, where did I put that iTunes gift card?

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