Church Communications by Yvon Prehn

church-sales-site-intro-ipod_scruberthumbnail_0Like I mentioned last week, for the past several years, every month I look forward to  receiving the free digital version of Christian Computing Magazine. One of my favorite regular contributors is Yvon Prehn. Yvon runs the website Effective Church Communications and has an extensive array of blog posts, training publications and ebooks regarding church communications.

While we differ greatly is our design aesthetics, I LOVE how Yvon challenges me to think about church communications more than just communicating calendar events or church vision…but an opportunity to share the gospel. She is big on leveraging holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc) and has an extensive library of samples and ideas of how to connect visitors with your church and Jesus.

One challenge she gave was to run a Word Cloud of your website to see how much of your web talked about Jesus vs church events. I did it, and tell you, it was convicting.

I also love her heart…read this excerpt from how she defines “effective church communications.”

“What makes church communications effective can be very different than what makes secular communications effective. For example, what might seem from purely secular design standards, poorly designed and executed communications created on outdated technology, can be used by God’s grace to help people come to know Jesus, to heal hurting hearts, and help people grow in Christian maturity. God also uses beautifully designed and carefully crafted communications to accomplish the same tasks, but great looks alone are not the requirement for spiritual success.

We must always do the best we can with the gifts that have been given us and I think it is pleasing to the Lord to grow in the wise use and skill of them. But no matter where we are on the road of communication excellence, it is always the Lord’s grace and favor that allows our work to accomplish anything of eternal value.” – Yvon Prehn

I also enjoy listening to Yvon’s youtube videos…this gal’s got SPUNK! I think it’s great that this veteran of church communications isn’t afraid to try new things and is so willing to share her insights. Check out her website…I know you’ll learn something helpful.

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