YouTube Playlists

Once a year, our church puts on an event called “Servant Celebration” in appreciation for all those that volunteer in the ministries of Trinity Church. This year our theme was based on the “Hobbit” and placed in Middle Earth. I played the part of the Story Teller, interacting with my two boys.

When I get the DVD, one of my jobs is to slice the video into shorter segments and upload them to YouTube. I have found that setting a Playlist is a great way to group and organize the videos…especially if the videos were not uploaded in the correct order. Click Here for a description of how to make a playlist for your YouTube Content.

There are two ways of displaying the content on your website or blog. You can embed it like you see below, but it’s not my preferred method. While you keep people on your site, it’s not obvious to me that this isn’t anything more then a normal YouTube video….or that there are several videos to chose from (especially after you click play).

The other way is to display a static .jpg of the video that links to the your YouTube Playlist. Click the image below to see what you get. Notice the numbered bars on the right…clearly this is playlist. The downside is that it’s showing other YouTube videos beneath…and with YouTube you don’t always know what you are going to get.

YouTube Playlist

As an alternative, you can link to your YouTube Channel. This looks nice, because it’s your branded channel and you can see there are options, but unfortunately, you can’t play the videos here. When you click one of the videos, it takes you out of your channel and into the normal YouTube play, like you got in the above example. Since I don’t like making users click twice, I prefer to link them directly to the content.


Hopefully, one day YouTube will allows people to watch playlists directly in a YouTube channel.

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