Print from Your iPad or iPhone Without Purchasing a New Printer

One of the neat features built in to the iPad & iPhone is AirPrint. AirPrint is a feature that Apple built in to their OS for printing via wi-fi directly to any AirPrint compatible printers. The problem is there aren’t that many AirPrint printers…and purchasing a new printer is expensive.

I strongly suggest that you try FingerPrint by Collobos Software.

FingerPrint runs on your Mac or PC. It  finds all the printers connected to your computer and makes them available to your iOS devices…turning virtually any printer into an AirPrint compatible machine. As long as the iOS device is on the same network, you are good to print.  The only downside is that the computer that has the printer attached to it has to be left on. Since we leave our machines all all the time, it’s not an issue where I work.

Finger print is only $19.95 and  they have a free trial.


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