Photo Editing On the iPad With SnapSeed

I do a lot of photography, both personally and here at the church.

I’ve been a Photoshop user since version 1.0 (which only edited gray scale images) and over the years have tried a lot of various photo editing tools.

All that to say, I have NEVER found a photo editing program so easy to use as Nik Sofware’s SnapSeed. The GUI is amazing and intuitive. And the results…they speak for themselves. It’s so much better, that when I have the chance, I prefer to import the pictures I took from my DSLR or purchased from iStock to edit them on my iPad vs my computer.

In addition to Instagram like filters, I use Snapseed to create what I call my “BHR” look (Bruce’s Hyper Reality)…an over saturated grunge look that I’m currently into.

Google recently purchased SnapSeed and you can now download on the iPhone, iPad and Android for free. That’s right, the magic price of FREE. You owe it to yourself to try this app. They also have a paid desktop version for both the Mac and PC that currently lists for $19.99.

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