7 Secrets to using Social Media to Boost your Google Search Rankings


I found this out a long time ago…the key to maximizing your Google Search rankings is to have as many “Trusted Sources” pointing back to you as possible.

  1. Location, Location, Location – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Yelp, Linked-In, blog on your website. Make sure you can be found where people you are trying to reach are searching.  If you could only pick 2, I would suggest mastering Facebook and YouTube.
  2. Set Your Frequency – The post you wrote yesterday has more weight than the one wrote last year. Set a publishing schedule that you can commitment to…i.e. One Facebook post a day, one YouTube video a week, one blog post every two weeks, two Pinterest pins, etc.
  3. Professional Directories – Get listed on as many local and professional directories as you can (By definition they are a “trusted source”).
  4. Share This – Make sure your share, like, forward. Social media buttons should be easy to find and on every page.
  5. Be Interesting – Talk about relevant real world issues, insights and challenges that are helpful, interesting or humorous. Write things that you’re audience wants to read…and would be willing share with their friends.
  6. Google Rules – Don’t worry too much about all the other search engines…concentrate your efforts on raising your Google rankings….if you get it right here, it will work on other search engines too.
  7. Local Matters – Search engines give extra points if you are tied to a specific geographical location. Make sure you “name drop” the areas you serve and local businesses whenever appropriate. Claim your business and fill out your company info on Google Places.

Following this plan has kept us at or near the top in our google searches.

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