The Secret to Printing Tiled 22×28 Posters

We’ve standardized all of our large signage on 22×28 poster size images. We have some nice A-Frame and stanchion signs that we can use interchangeably.

I wish we had a large format inkjet printer, but we don’t…we print these using 4 sheets of 12×18 pieces of paper that we manually tile together.

Recently I had a few complaints that the 22×28 posters weren’t fitting the A-Frame correctly. I went to measure them and they were right…they are coming out .5 inch too big.

At first I thought it was the .5 inch overlap that I was giving in the tile setting, but that didn’t solve the problem either.

I spent some time trying to understand what’s going on and here is my conclusion.

inDesign Tile Options

When we use the “Auto Justified” Tile option, inDesign automatically adds .25 bleed marks all the way around the image (left, right, top and bottom).

If we wanted to cut to color that would be fine…but since these are intended to be “quick and easy” signs, I usually leave the white boarder on.

So, the secret to printing 22×28 posters…

Make the original 21.5” x 27.5”

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