How Do We Choose To Think About…


One of the favorite phrases that my Executive Pastor uses isHow Do We Choose To Think About… ____fill in the blank_____.”

Not all issues are as black and white as I would like to make them, and just because that’s what we’ve done in the past, doesn’t make it “right”.

There is a lot I like about this question…let me break it down.

  1. How do We – This is an “us” statement…we’re on the same team.
  2. Choose – Acknowledge that most decisions were a choice…things could have been different.
  3. To Think About – Engaging the mind is never a bad place to start a conversation : )
  4. It’s a QUESTION! The person asking is approaching the situation with the right tone…not assuming or judging…but asking.

We may choose to think about things differently in the future…and that’s fine.

But when feeling out a situation, “How Do We Choose To Think About…” is a great starter question to ask.

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