Don’t Give Up On Paper Quite Yet…

christmas-tree-clip-art-decoratedAccording to Generosity Coach Alan Wildes, “Every generation has its preferred method of communication. A common belief in communicating with Gen Y is that it all has to be electronic and on the cutting edge.  I have found that in capital campaigns in churches, Millenials like paper just as much as their parents, grand parents, and even great grand parents; just maybe not as much of it.

I found this fascinating…but true. The more complicated the story…or the deeper the commitment you are asking people to make, the better paper works as the communication medium. He goes on to say…

“When trying to tell that type of story, all generations like to see the story in a printed brochure of some type with pictures and color.  ALL generations want to be able to flip through the pages over and over again to ensure they understand.  They want it to sit on their coffee table or kitchen island so they can see it again tomorrow or next week to reinforce what they have already read.  They need reinforcement of  what they think the vision of the church is and how this project helps fulfill the vision.

Click Here for the full article.

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