Batman Logo Morphs…1940 to Present

Last month I looked at the Superman logo…here’s a look at the batman logo and it’s many versions.

I’m partial to the 1977, 1992 and 2008 iterations.

“Designed by Cathryn Laver from Calm the Ham, the graphic traces the evolution of the Batman logo from its earliest iterations in the comics of the 1940s through its use in Adam West’s delightfully campy TV take in the ’60s, Frank Miller’s dark graphic novels in the ’80s, and George Clooney and his nipple suit in the ’90s, and ends with the multimillion-dollar Dark Knight films today. The genus is always quite clearly bat, but unique species abound.” More>>


One thought on “Batman Logo Morphs…1940 to Present

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bruce! I love looking at the evolution of logo design (Batman just happens to be a personal favorite). I like the 1992 Batman Returns, 1986 Dark Knight Returns, 2003 Gotham Knights and 2008 The Dark Knight logos best…

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