UC Logo = UGLY


Usually I love getting feedback on my designs, but this re-branding effort for the University of California has turned into every designer’s nightmare…

The new seal is theoretically supposed to show a C inside a U. Commenters (and thousands of others) are giving a failing grade to the new logo, and calling for the university to abandon it. More than 30,000 people have signed a petition against the new logo…

 “The newly designed monogram of the University of California, while attempting to be modern, loses the prestige and elegance of the current seal,” the petition says. Comments posted on the petition website call the new logo “corporate,” “cheap” and “the logo of something found in the toddler section of Toys R’ Us.”  More>>

My favorite description of the logo involved a flushing toilet…

I personally believe that great logos don’t use a gradation as a primary element, so I’m against it on principle (and besides…it’s ugly).

2 thoughts on “UC Logo = UGLY

  1. NO KIDDING! That is just horrendous. Not only does the gradient not work well (there’s a place in the transition from yellow to blue that resembles vomit), but the shapes are very out of balance. The whole thing looks top heavy and it doesn’t seem related to the original seal in any way.

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