Experience the Thorn (or not)

As we approach Easter, I saw a marketing campaign that I would describe as “painful”.


What the heck is a “thorn” and why would I want to experience it? The last time I had a thorn it hurt and needed tweezers.

Isn’t the point of the cross that HE experienced the thorns (and the whips and mocking on the cross) so we don’t have to?? I’m being a little harsh, but “Experience the Thorn” is a poor headline to inspire the unreached to come to your church.

The problem is the curse of knowledge…you know that The Thorn is a dynamic outreach drama/video Easter campaign…you know that it has a clear gospel message and you want others to hear it. But others have no context for what you are talking about…or what you want them to “experience.”

You might get away with using the phrase AFTER you show the video to your congregation…but not to someone who is hearing it cold.

One thought on “Experience the Thorn (or not)

  1. Amen, Bruce. This reminds me of those ‘Church Bulletin Bloopers’ that circulate the internet (though I’m somewhat dubious as to how real they are). ‘What is Hell Like? Come to our evening service and find out!’

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