AED Training Simulation

New%20AED%205-10 (Small)Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are becoming common in places where the public gathers…sport stadiums, airports, malls and now churches. I’m part of our church’s safety team and we were reviewing how ours worked. It’s pretty amazing really…the machine walks you through each procedure step-by-step.

I wanted to learn more and ran across the website Heart Rescue Now. This website is an AED training simulator. It uses realist videos in a first person story format where you walk through the procedures, including calling 911, chest compression and applying the AED. It’s very realist…and makes you think how you would respond.

Click Here to start an AED simulation…

…it could save someone’s live.

Watching this made we wonder if there were some church evangelism or apologetics training that could be done in a similar fashion?

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