Video Editing in the Cloud


Still think you need an expensive monster computer with lots of memory, expensive graphics cards and outrageously priced software in order to edit HD Video?

Think again…then head on over to You are about to see the future of video editing. It’s in the cloud.

“WeVideo makes video creation accessible to everyone, using cloud-based technologies to make it easier, faster and more convenient. Because it’s cloud-based, we make social video editing possible, where people come together online to collaborate on a video project.”

With multiple video editing modes, people from beginners to advanced videoographers can get the level of controls that they need. WeVideo also offers templates and “Instagram” filters to help stylize your video. One of the unique features of WeVideo  is the ability to collaborate on video projects. Multiple people can contribute video to a project and help in the editing.

While it still takes time to upload lots of video (It’s best if you can upload shorter clips of what you know you’ll use), this an interesting approach to consider. As video transfer speeds get faster, and more and more moves to the cloud, keep your eyes on these guys…I would be surprised if Google or Adobe eventually buy them out.


We used WeVideo to edit this video.


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