Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

My mother has a saying “The littles add up to the bigs.” I couldn’t agree more. A 1% change doesn’t seem like much, but compounded day by day, over a period of years and you wake up to find that you’re light years ahead from where you started.

Little Things Matter is a blog by Todd Smith, speaker and entrepreneur. He has this same philosophy as my mom, and from time to time, puts out a free, well written blog where he shares some of the “little things” that got him ahead. Simple things. Things that anybody could do…but most people don’t…or that they start , but don’t follow through to make them a habit.

Thinks like:

  • Greeting people with a smile, a friendly greeting, and a firm handshake.
  • Returning all calls within one hour.
  • Never being late.
  • Looking for something to sincerely give people a compliment.
  • Sending thank-you notes.

Todd covers a wide variety of “little things”, including attitude, career, character, communication, leadership and responsibility. In his most popular post, Todd shares 130 time management tips. We all need exhortation like this. They are a great reminder to keep doing the things I’m doing and to keep looking for other areas in my life and work that I can improve. If you are interested, Todd has turned his blog posts into a 280 page book or audiobook that you can purchase here.

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