Me, Say No?

just-say-noI ran across this article from entitled “Always Saying Yes.” The author was writing about the TV show Shark Tank and how one of the entrepreneurs on the show wanted to work on a new product just because her vendors were asking for it.

The host Mark Cuban’s answer is classic…and needs to be heard by every ministry leader out there. “Just because someone asks, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

ChurchJuice goes on to write…

“Many churches are in the same place as this entrepreneur. There might be some things that are working really well at a church, and yet there’s still this need to say yes to the things that aren’t successful. Someone comes with an idea that doesn’t really fit with the vision of the church, but it’s approved anyway. Some churches are willing to be mediocre at a lot of things instead of being great at a few.

I get it. It’s hard to say no and easy to say yes. But if you cast a vision for your church, respect it by staying true to it. That means saying yes to the right things and no the stuff that doesn’t fit. Just because someone presents you with an idea doesn’t mean it’s something you should pursue. Churches have to be good stewards of what they’ve been given. Don’t drown in opportunity by always saying yes.”

Click Here to read the entire article.

Lesson? Learn to say NO.

SAY NO to the GOOD so (you have enough energy and resources) to SAY YES to the BEST!

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