10% change 20 times or a 200% change?

800px-Toulouse_-_Sturnus_vulgaris_-_2012-02-26_-_2Let’s say you have 20 ministries and each ministry makes a 10% change.

Does it FEEL like a 10% change….

…or a 200% change?

I submit that it depends on IF the change is coordinated and how it’s communicated.

If you have silo ministries calling their own shots and making their own changes with poor – or no communications – it can make your congregation FEEL like change is happening all around and that the foundations of all that they know and love is crumbling around them. It can be a time of fear, confusion and people voting with their feet, leaving your congregation.

But, on the other hand, if you have strategic coordinated change, in one direction, that makes sense for the times, that has buy-in from leadership who can answer the WHY question (ie why are we making this change), not only can you help people FEEL like change is the right thing to do, it can bring comfort that someone is taking the lead. It can bring new growth, increased giving and a sense of vision and mission.

Like the starling birds, coordinated change (called flight) during their annual murmurations can be a thing of beauty.

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