The number one lesson I learned about web design from Steve Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability is make your buttons look like buttons. People want to know what to click. You make people feel foolish when they click on something they think should be clickable and make them give up when it’s not clear where to click next.

Sometime a big “call to action” graphic or CSS button is overkill. In those cases, one my favorite “text tricks” is to use More>>

(ie the word More with two greater than signs >>)

It’s perfect after an excerpt. It is hyperlinked so you can see that the text is clickable and you’ve done a good of setting expectations of what people will find when they click it.


  • More info
  • More pictures
  • More details
  • More of what they are looking for

WARNING: When someone clicks on “more”, you had better deliver on that promise. There had better be more!

PS. On a totally different note, the logo of  this “More” company looks to me like you are actually getting less. I see the white growing smaller and smaller….not the green growing bigger and bigger. Of course, they could be saying less is more : )


MORE is a full service graphic design, public relations, and marketing firm created out of the belief that in order for you to reach your full potential you must be noticed. We believe that the best way to maximize your exposure is to have a comprehensive strategy that includes integrated, consistent messaging throughout multiple mediums. At MORE we believe in…More>>

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