Stop Motion Animation

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This year at our annual VBS , I had a chance to teach a stop motion animation class to 3rd-5th graders. I had a couple of iPhones and a couple of iPads running Frameographer. Framograher is a $5 app from Studio Neat that works really will with their iPhone glif tripod mount. It is a simple and powerful app for making time-lapse and stop motion movies…so simple, even kids can used it. (I strongly recommend the Glif+ with additional piece that keeps the iPhone securely attached to the tripod.)

Here are a couple of samples…enjoy : )

Stop Motion Animation – Camp TLC 2013

Trouble of the Construction Site

2 thoughts on “Stop Motion Animation

  1. Great app! I’m curious what your VBS theme was and how a workshop like this ‘fits in’ (we did our own VBS called ‘iPray’ this summer, but didn’t really emphasize tech — parents were not excited about that idea). My own kids are at Apple’s iMovie camp for kids this week – it’s free and available at select Apple retail locations throughout the summer!

    1. We use Group material, but always customize the branding. This year was “Royal Kingdom Camp TLC” To call what we do a “VBS” is an understatement. The spiritual lesson happen in the main worship center…everything else if “fun.” We had 300 campers, 75 high school counselors and another 100 adult volunteers with over 75 electives to choose from. I had never taught a class and thought this would be fun : )

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