The Creative Class

Image-11Not long ago, Adobe put together this video entitled We are the Creative Class…an anthem for all things creative.

In watching this, Adobe really captures this mindset of the artist that is passionate about their craft, their process and their message. I was struck with how many different mediums there are to work with…paint, charcoal, string, glass, photos, video, HTML, etc. I was also amazed at the many different ways you can mix and match them to tell your story. I don’t think there was a clip that was more than 2 seconds long in this entire video…yet it flows.

I was also feeling guilty about how few of these other options I use in my work. For those of use that have the opportunity to tell the greatest story ever told, how much more passion and creativity should we bring into our work? Yet creativity for creativity’s sake doesn’t help anyone. For maximum effectiveness, there needs to be an alignment with the other elements of what’s going on in your church, your ministry and your life.

Enjoy this video and let it inspire you to try something new.


2 thoughts on “The Creative Class

    1. You win some, you loose some : )
      No doubt that creative communications and graphics will continue to play a role in politics (on the Right and the Left) for years to come.

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