If Everything Is a Focus, Nothing Is A Focus.


I ran across this great article entitled 10 Ways to Write Clearly. Make That 9, No, Just 1. To summarize “The most effective way to get your point across is to focus on just one point.” The author continues “…if you toss too much into one document, your primary message will get lost, mostly because you do not have a primary message.”

I have a saying that I often have to use when selecting announcements. “If EVERYTHING is a focus, NOTHING is a focus.” The entire point of a “focus” is to narrow the scope. A visual image that I like to use is a dark theater with a spotlight on one actor…versus a thousand florescent bulbs lighting your local super store.

Whether is it announcements or an article, if someone isn’t crystal clear about the next action you are asking them to take, you’ve failed as a communicator.

In summary, to communicate more clearly, narrow your focus.

Got the point?

4 thoughts on “If Everything Is a Focus, Nothing Is A Focus.

  1. Can this be required reading for some email composers around here???

    Lisa VanGreuningen
    Director of Administrative Support
    Trinity Church
    Redlands, CA 92374
    (909) 335-7333, x111
    Needing Him for ALL things!!

  2. So very true. I had to deliver a sermon this past June (only my 2nd time ever) and I really struggled to achieve this in my message. I had so much to say that just the week before I was to speak, I felt my outline was a bloated mess. Then, with only a couple of days left, I realized that I needed to determine what the singular focal point of my message would be, trim away anything that didn’t contribute to it and center everything else around it. This relieved a great deal of stress and made for a much better sermon.

    LOVE your new site header, btw!

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