FIO Figure It Out
I was having a conversation the other day with a colleague about a problem I was having and they graciously told me to “FIO.”

FIO = Figure It Out

Apparently the abbreviation came from a Nickelodeon game show with the same name. Regardless of it’s origin, I appreciate the perspective that it brings. For me, these 3 thoughts come to mind:

1. You are not a victim – Most of the time, we are not…we just act like it.

2. Engage your brain – Many problems CAN be figured out if we invest some time objectively thinking about the issues. Bring in somebody new…work to get a fresh perspective.

3. You’re not alone – For many of the problems you are facing, NO ONE has the training. Your opportunity is to bring your creativity and work ethic to bear and make a difference.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, author Angela Blanchard says that As leaders and managers, we have to motivate our people to come up with workable solutions to problems that weren’t even on the radar screen when they were hired. There’s no operator’s manual for most of what we’ll ask people to work on. But somehow, together, we’ll figure it out.” More>>

FIO is a “can do” attitude that I would like to see more of, in both the sacred and secular life arenas.

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