What Is Your View of End Times?

Late_WatchSo, what IS your view of end times? No, I’m not talking eschatology, the rapture, prophecy, Christ’s return, pre/post tribulation or anything like that. I’m talking about what is your church’s view of ending events on time?

I’m not talking once in a blue moon, the exception to the rule or “that one time.” I’m talking habitually. There are only 3 responses to how your church handles this important this question.

  1. On Time
  2. Early, or
  3. Late

Let’s view this from the attendees perspective. Ending on time is never a problem. Ending early is often a delight. Ending late…that’s another story. What I find ironic is that often it’s the same people who complain that people aren’t showing up on time, are the same people responsible for their events not ending on time!

A quick google search defines late as doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time.” Synonyms include: “behind schedule, behind time, last-minute, delayed, held up and tardy.” 

100 people kept late 10 minutes, while the the preacher or band plays on is actually 10 minutes times 100, which is 1,000 minutes…over 16 hours! If your church assembly is larger, DO THE MATH. At some point, this becomes a stewardship issues. If minutes were dollars, would we feel so free spending other people’s time?

Everything communicates something…what does habitually ending late, communicate to your congregation? 

  • We are poor planners
  • We don’t respect your time
  • We don’t value your “after church” plans
  • Common rules of etiquette aren’t practiced here

None of these reflect well on your church or it’s leadership. Is “late” the reputation that you are giving your church?

Make a promise, keep a promise.

An end time in your bulletin is a written promise. Please, don’t make liars out your church.

* If ending late is a chronic problem at your church, one might come to the conclusion that the fix would be to eliminate all printed end times. I totally disagree. Click Here and I’ll tell you why giving end times to all events is critically important for both your staff and clear communication. And I’ll tell you how you can fix it : )

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