Everyone Needs A Steve

29180_811440599421_994814_nSteve Carroll is my “go to” guy when it comes to web, video and other creative stuff. What I like about Steve is, not only is he smart, he gets the job done. He does what he says he will do. He has good ideas and will also chase down my ideas…good, bad or indifferent, even when neither of us are sure they will work.

The guy is amazingly talented. He knows HTML and CSS inside and out (I swear that he could see in code…just like The Matrix). In addition to his talents as a web and media consultant, Steve is an indie musician with over half a dozen albums under his belt and a novelist for young readers.

Yet with all this talent, Steve has the patience to make that “one more tweak” that I (often) request and doesn’t balk about moving that line one more pixel to the left…or changing that color one more time.

They say, you are who you hire…

I hire Steve.

So whether it’s your next video, web or creative project,  you should too.

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