Six Benefits of Poor Communication

poor communication

  1. Poor communication allows you to hide poor planning.
  2. Poor communication makes it easier for you to later deny what you said. You can change your mind without looking inconsistent.
  3. Poor communication is a good way to mask your true intent and keep agendas hidden.
  4. Poor communication keeps your message fuzzy; there will be little opposition or criticism.
  5. Poor communication allows you to say two different things at the same time.
  6. Poor communication keeps you from having to share credit for good ideas.

You can see why so many people use poor communication as their primary strategy…there are so many benefits. Being clear IS hard work. But it’s the kind of work that builds TRUST and DEEP RELATIONSHIPS that allow you, your team and your organization to accomplish much in the long run.

* I stole this list from my brother-in-law…not sure where he got it : )


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