Computers 101

computer101The other day I taught a class to our FiftyPlus group about computers. This is the handout that I used. I’m posting it here…thought someone might find it helpful.

Know Your Program
When asking for help, know what program and version that you are using. Look in the “About” …typically under help pull-down menu (sometimes you need to look for an icon that look like a gear, or wrench, or three horizontal lines)

Best Home Page

Best Way to Search on Google
Just type in your question! 9 times out of 10 the answer will be in the first 3 answers that pop up.

Best PC Virus Protection (FREE)
Microsoft Security Essentials. Ditch Norton or anything else that came pre-installed on your computer.

Best way to learn about big picture “tech” stuff (ie. What’s Twitter, What’s a blog, etc)
Common Craft

Best Church Website : )

Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know (and use)
CTLR+Z = Undo
CTLR+X = Cut
CTLR+C = Copy
CTLR+V = Paste
CTLR+P = Print
CTLR+A = Select All

Not knowing your username and password is NOT OK. Write them down…know where you keep the list!

Standardize your passwords. Use at least ten characters, one capital letter, one number and one punctuation mark. For example: AppleDumpling1!

Saving Files
When saving an item from an email or the internet ALWAYS save it to somewhere you can remember and easily find (usually your desktop) then delete it or move it to the folder where it needs to live.

If you ever get a virus, the BEST THING TO DO is to turn back time on your PC to an earlier date. Click Here to learn how.

Everyone needs to know a geek that can help. Even I have people I call when I’m stuck : )

POP up messages are telling you something…read them AND deal with them.

When Microsoft tells you updates are available, INSTALL THEM.

When installing NEW programs, YOU should be the one doing the initiating. DO NOT click on or install unsolicited internet messages that say you have viruses or you can make your computer go faster. Close them ASAP.

Don’t install any of the many “helpful” web browser add-on toolbars from Ask, Yahoo, etc. They are more trouble than they are worth.

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