Crawl, Walk, Run

Anytime you start something new, you won’t be a master right out of the starting gate.

You need to crawl before you can walk.
and you need to walk before you can run.

It can easily be discouraging when you think you should be further along, but excellent anything is never an accident. It takes time.

This is a good reminder to start small, gain mastery, THEN build on your success.

Jim Collins, author of Built to LastGood to Great in his latest book Great by Choice has a chapter called “Shoot bullets, then cannon balls.” Rather than betting the farm on an untested idea, fire bullets first. “Bullets” are small, inexpensive experiments that are low in both cost and risk. After you see how your ideas work in the real world, then ramp up with a more expensive “cannonball“, big impact initiatives. Your odds of success go up because you are using real experience…not just hypothetical assumptions. 


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