Ol’ Timey Roundographs

roundogifDid you know that photos from the first consumer camera, the Kodak No.1, were round? I had no idea! Back in the day, the film was locked in the camera. When you send it back to Kodak for development, you would get back 2.5″ sepia circles, and your camera back with more film.

Photojojo put together a simple 4 step instruction manual on how you can recreate this “Ol’ Timey” look digitally…perfect for Instagram!

  1. Crop your photo into a circle. We used PicFrame.
  2. Run it through a black and white Instagram filter but don’t post it. Put your phone in airplane mode before you hit “share” and when the upload fails, just X it out. (It’ll save the filtered photo to your phone.*)
  3. Run the photo you just saved through Instagram one more time. This time, use a filter with a brownish tint for that ol’ timey feel. (We like Hefe and Sutro best).
  4. Turn off airplane mode and share away!

Click Here for a fascinating look back at the Kodak No.1 and some of the images taken back in the late 1800’s.

* This was a very helpful tip. By putting your phone in airplane mode you can get your photo ready on Instagram, then use an app like Over to put text on your photo before sharing.

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