Work As Tennis

tn-00204-2One of the helpful analogies I use as I’m going about my day is “Work As Tennis.” There is MY SIDE of the court and there is YOUR SIDE of the court. The responsibilities and commitments I have are the tennis balls. My skills, tools and team are the racket.

It is my job to make sure I know where ALL the balls are (i.e. am I waiting on you or are you waiting for me) and to get everything on my side of the court to the other side of the court as fast and professionally as possible, without loosing any.

As I’ve written before, I’m a big proponent of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I’ve been following it for about a decade and it has changed the way I deal with commitments, tasks and projects. Whatever method you use to keep track of your work, remember, you are as only as good as the systems you use. Master it…it’s important. Your reputation is on the line.

I do have to admit, sometimes during the busier times of the year, the amount of requests that come in feels like this.

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