Increase your Creativity, Clarity and Decisiveness force DECISIONS
When under the gun, you get things done. Why? Because you have to! Decisions that have been delayed, get made…which allows other decisions to get decided and real work happens.

Themes focus CREATIVITY
Creativity is like the sun…it shines light on everything, but to harness its energy, it needs to be focused. Every big event, sermons series, camp or campaign needs a theme. Often that is reflected in the name of the event and/or a dominant visual element. Once you have it, it makes the entire planning process easier because it’s guided by a unifying element.

Scarcity brings CLARITY
Limited options equal clear choices. Sometimes too many options bog down the system. If you are stuck, narrow down your list to the ones you deem the “most likely to succeed.” Rarely in life will there be the “perfect” choice. But there are lots of choices that you can make work with hard work and perseverance.

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