Increase Your Social Media Engagement 603%

Here is a sure-fire way GUARANTEED to increase your social media engagement stats.

Step One: Have a HUGE Halloween Bash
Step Two: Invite the entire community
Step Three: Post lots of pictures on Facebook

All kidding aside, the importance of posting photos from your large events can’t be overstated. Camps, Retreats, Easter, Christmas…you name it, people like to see themselves and their friends having a good time. When people start tagging others in the photos you post, the power of social media kicks in.

While I recommend and use both, this is why I prefer PHOTOS (50 to 100) over VIDEO for Facebook. With photos you have more opportunities for tagging, commenting, sharing, etc. People will help spread the word for you. Do this on a consistent basis and Facebook’s algorithms will start to identify you as a content provider worth passing on other posts to your followers newsfeed.

Does it work? Take a look at these stats, and you tell me.

photo 1

Nice spike in our reach stats!

photo 2

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