Three Things I’m Thankful For

As I look back this year, here are three things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving. They all start with the letter T.

  1. Team – It’s been said you are as only good as your team. I’ve been blessed to work with two of the most efficient and hardworking people I know. Mindy Sames and Chris Petinak are both are able to read between the lines and get me what I want…not just for what I ask for. They make my life easier and make our department (and church) look good.
  2. Tech – Whether it’s cameras, iPads iPhones, PCs, WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud, websites, color printers, I couldn’t do my job without them. While we are in desperate need of some sort of video camera, on the whole, my department is well resourced.
  3. Trinity Church – It’s hard to believe that 7 years has passed since the Lord opened the door to work at Trinity. I’ve grown both professionally, personally and spiritually and am grateful for the opportunity to serve the church body.

Enjoy some Turkey and some well deserved time off.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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