The Ultimate “Font Nerd” Game For iOS

Like Fonts? Like video games? Have I got a game for you…

“Available on iOS and Android, Type:Rider allows players to explore a series of hauntingly designed levels, each of which focuses on a specific font, as well as a time in typographic history associated with it. For example, a player might be tasked to navigate a world of typographic Gothic architecture, while simultaneously learning about Johannes Gutenberg and his movable type printing press.” – FastCoDesign More>>


  • 10 worlds echoing key periods of the typograhy’s history
  • Breath-taking artworks and musical vibes
  • Immersive and intriguing atmosphere
  • Great historical archives and paintings More>>

At only 99 cents, I couldn’t resist. Not only is it surprisingly playable, the visuals are stunning and I learned some new things about fonts and typography. If you are a font nerd like me, you’ll definitely want to give it a try!


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