Doing Well What You Shouldn’t Be Doing At All

You’re in a meeting and someone asks “How do we best (you fill in the blank)?” Someone chimes in, you chime in…we all have an opinion and we all want to be heard. Pretty soon it’s a done deal and you’re on your way to implementation.

Did anyone stop to ask if it was a good idea in the first place?

Most of the time we jump the gun and ask the “HOW Should We” questions before we ask the “SHOULD We” questions.  Before you jump into implementing a project, take the time to ask clarifying questions like:

  • Does this project fit our mission?
  • Will it help us reach our goals?
  • Is this strategic or just the “project of the month”
  • How much time are we willing to invest?
  • How much money are we willing to sink before we call it quits?
  • When will we know we’ve succeeded?
  • What else could we be doing instead?

Recognize you don’t have unlimited time, energy or money.  If you follow every project whim without confidence in knowing the reasons behind it, you may find you’re expending resources needlessly. Business author Peter Drucker has a famous quote noting that “Efficiency is doing things right;  Effectiveness is doing right things.”

There is no use doing well what you shouldn’t be doing at all. TAKE the time to make sure you are not WASTING your time.

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