5 Shortcuts To Making Faster Ministry Videos

We are all under the gun. My department doesn’t have a video team (the only camera the church owns is a $50 Flip camera I bought on Woot! after they were discontinued) but I’m still responsible to make and edit videos. I recently went on a weekend loft-house build to Mexico and needed to have a video to show for the next Sunday.

These 5 tips will work on any recap, missions or ministry “music” video.

  1. Know what song you are going to use ahead of time – if you can pick the song you are going to use early, you have an idea of the length, pacing and creative elements you might be able to leverage.
  2. Have a mental (or written) shot list – This is most helpful if you’re shooting an event that you are familiar with (this was my 10th loft house build). If not, talk to someone who as been there before and get their take on what the “most important” parts of the event are.
  3. Shoot short clips (5-10 seconds) – If you have clips that are 1-2 minutes in length, you are going to have to watch the entire clip to see what portion you are going to use. Better to shoot more, in smaller chunks. You only need 3-5 second clips anyway. It goes MUCH faster when you edit.
  4. Edit while you shoot – If you know what you are after, you won’t waste your time shooting video of things you know you won’t use. If you know the video you just took won’t work, delete it from the camera.
  5. Tell a story by shooting sequentially – Beginning > Middle > End. Don’t over think it…this is by far the easiest way to organize your video and tell your story.

In this case the video was going to be shown before our children’s Christmas musical, and our Worship Pastor has suggested “The Little Drummer Boy” by Lincoln Brewster. Knowing that early, I knew where I was going to head creatively. I emptied a trash bucket and turned it into a drum and shot my son marching around the construction site. While I would have liked to do more with better equipment, it served it purpose, didn’t take forever and people loved it!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq9ac6_4F2U]

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