What’s Wrong With This Sign?

Every once in a while I run across something in my own church that I just have to stop and shake my head. There are at least four things wrong with this sign.

  1. It’s Taped To The Door – Hate is a strong word, but I REALLY dislike taped signs. (You can see leftover tape from signs past still on the door!) I personally prefer people use 3M Command Adhesive poster strips. But if that’s not easily available, use tape that has been rolled in a loop and attached to each corner on the back so you can’t see it. It also comes off SO much easier.
  2. It’s Handwritten – For last-minute signage, handwritten signs aren’t bad…better than nothing. But, if you know you are going to need one in advance, use the computer and make the sign look nice.
  3. It’s “Insider Exclusive” – What did you say…please speak English! Insider language is confusing, especially to guests. What was printed on the sign is accurate, but wouldn’t it be clearer if the sign read The toddlers have been moved to Room L104?
  4. It’s Missing An Arrow – You might know that the Lady Bug room is down the hallway to the right, but I’m new and don’t really know that. Don’t make me feel stupid. Help me out with a helpful arrow pointing me in the right direction.

The whole point of signage is to be helpful. If it’s clear enough that a new person can understand it, you’ll be sure to hit everyone.

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