Seven Alternatives to Posting Photos On Instagram

Everyone knows Instagram was built for photos. But if you are slammed at work or it’s a slow week and you don’t have many photo opportunities, what do you post the rest of the week?

Seven ideas to try…

I1 1. Photos Of Something Printed – OK. Technically this IS a photo…but not in the traditional sense of a person or a landscape. Think posters, tickets, brochures, handouts, etc. One nice thing is you can take it anytime during the week.
i2 2. Photos with Text – Over is the easiest (and classiest) app to add text over your photos. Their font selection ensures you don’t look like a dweeb and their user interface is easy to use.
i3 3. Re-purpose Graphics – You can re-purpose a sermon series graphic, a logo…or try what we do and take the original graphics we make for Pinterest and make a square version, just for Instagram.
i4 4. Video – We all know that Instagram can post 15 second videos, but how often do you do it? Mix things up when you have something fun to show. There is some traction gaining with people creating 15 second video trailers customized for Instagram. 15 second square sermon trailers can’t be too far behind.
i5 5. Moving Photo Montage – Frametastic is my Favorite App to make a quick and easy 15 second video photo montage. It’s an extra in-app purchase, but totally worth it.
i6 6. Screen Shot – Get your favorite Bible app, highlight a verse, take a screenshot and post.
i7 7. Repost Your Favorites – Social Media is about sharing, right? Either screenshot, crop and repost, or use an app like Repost, that ads a bar with the username of the place you got it. It’s good etiquette to use the @name of the original poster and to put a #repost or #repostinstagram as a tag to reafirm this isn’t an original post from you.

Christian Media Magazine put together a great list with even more ideas to try. More>>

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