Learning Like A Volcano


When a volcano erupts it blows a ton of lava, hot  gasses and ash into the atmosphere, but a little bit sticks to the side of the mountain. After another eruption occurs a little bit more sticks. Layer by layer you eventually build a solid base.

This is exactly what the learning process looks like. 

If you have ever been to a new class or seminar,  it can feel like your drinking from a fire hose…totally overwhelming. Most of it falls right out of your brain.

But don’t worry, some of the information WILL stick. The next time you go learn, you won’t be starting from zero. Keep it up and you’ll eventually build a solid base of learning.

Until they invent a direct plug into your brain like they did in the movie the Matrix, this is how you build mastery…one lesson at a time.

2 thoughts on “Learning Like A Volcano

    1. Lynn, so glad you enjoyed it. It is one of the reasons why daily and weekly habits are so important. As my mama told me, “The littles add up to the bigs!”

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