What And The Why

WhatHave you ever wondered what the “missing ingredient” in your communication was?

Wonder no longer…

To maximize your effectiveness as a communicator, you need to be able to tell both the “What” and “Why” of what you are trying to accomplish.


As Joe Friday use to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.” The WHAT consists of the your typical event description…date, time, room etc.  You can use some creative adjectives and explanations in your description, but there are really only so many ways to describe your speaker, venue and meeting times.


WhyThe real magic in communication happens when you answer the WHY question. This is where you have a chance to cast vision, touch hearts, engage the imagination and explain to someone why they should invest their time and money to come to your event. The more compelling the “why” and the more you can connect it to your “mission” the greater the commitment will be for all those involved.

Often there are two audiences that you need to address.

1. For those attending the event, complete the sentence “We want you to leave our event  __________.”

Halloween Party: “…having a blast, making memories with your family in a safe, kid friendly environment.”

Missions Trip: “…knowing that you’ve been used by God to show His love and make a difference helping the ‘least of these’.”

Marriage Seminar: “…filled with a renewed sense of love,  appreciation for your mate and hope for your future together.”

Small Group Bible Study: “…with a greater appreciation for God’s Word and the community of believers that God has put you with.”

2. For those you want to challenge to volunteer or donate to the event, often we are asking people to do some pretty mundane tasks…setup, tear down, change diapers, run sound, bring candy or write a check. For this group you need to move the focus off the task by tying the WHY of the event to “kingdom reasons.” ie You’re not just teaching 1st grade boys…you’re helping training the next generation. You do this by completing the sentence “We want you to help us __________.

Halloween Party Booth Worker “…light the night in the name of Jesus and give families a safe place to bring their children.”

Missions Trip Donner “…do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission by sharing the love of Christ and helping the poor in India.”

Marriage Seminar Volunteer “…restore marriages and build godly families.”

Leader a small Group Bible Study: “…Shepard the flock and help people grow to maturity in Christ.

WHAT engages the BRAIN.

WHY engages the HEART.

You need to do both.

If you have a long time established event and you are changing it, the “why” question is even more important to answer. People like to the know reasons why things have changed. If you don’t acknowledge the change, people wonder and will fill in the blanks themselves (most often, coming to the wrong conclusion). Even if they don’t agree, they appreciate that you have thought things out and there is a method behind the madness.

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