Like It. Love It. Gotta Have It!

A friend of mine was trying to elicit feedback on an idea he had used the Cold Stone Creamery descriptions of “Like It. Love It. Gotta Have It.”

This is a Gotta Have It idea!

It’s similar to the “on a scale of 1-10, how do you feel”…but much more fun.

And much better than the YES or NO, thumbs up or thumbs down approach. Most things we have feelings about are more shades of gray than black and white.

You can use this ranking with your spouse for floating vacation ideas or restaurants…or with your team when exploring new logos or sermon series graphics. 

When it comes to “buy in” on a project, not everyone is going to have the same positive feelings. Same thing with graphics…not everyone is going to like all your designs. But if it is a group decision and most everyone is on the “like it” level, your compelling vision may not be compelling enough and you need to look for another solution…or start smaller and build momentum. As Larry Osborne from North Coast Church says, “you don’t always need buy in to try a new idea…just permission.”

Some ideas grow on you…and some you want to pass on.

And recognize, not every project needs a “Gotta Have It” solution. Some things just need to get done (ie “good enough”), so you can move on to the strategic projects that need your “Gotta Have It” attention.

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