You Don’t Know What It Looks Like Until You Print It

It doesn’t matter it looks like on your computer monitor, you don’t know what it looks like until you print it. Common issues that I’ve run into include:

  • RGB/CMYK conversion issues
  • inDesign effects applied to images gone bad
  • Publisher screens print grainy
  • Broken graphic links
  • Damaged .eps files
  • Color space issues (especially when printing orange or neon color)
  • Missing Fonts
  • Designs that look good at one size, but bad at a different size

You don’t know, but that beautiful green you picked from the Pantone book looks like a baby pooped on your design. Yick. That’s a rookie mistake…

And this doesn’t even include all the things that can go wrong with spelling, grammar, etc. Sometimes it’s nice to view things from a fresh perspective away from your computer screen.

So, before you print anything in mass, make sure you print a proof and look at it carefully before you give it the final OK.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Know What It Looks Like Until You Print It

  1. And don’t forget to have someone proof it!

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    Salinas Valley Community Church
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