Sometimes Volume Speaks Volume

When you want to make a point, sometimes clarity isn’t the only thing that’s required. There are times you need to be “overly dramatic” to drive it home.

Your cell phone didn’t die…its “Done, Fni, Caput!”

You’re not just wanting to answer a question, “I’m willing to tell ya, I’m wanting to tell ya, I’m waiting to tell ya.” (Alfred Doolittle from My Fair Lady)

It’s not one person on stage voicing their support…it is the entire staff on stage.

The way I like to put it is like this. Sometimes you need a…

“A cascading avalanche of overwhelming evidence.” 

Think of the court scene in the movie Miracle on 34th Street. It wasn’t just a few letters that convinced the judge…it was a parade of bag after bag of letters all addressed to Kris Kringle, delivered to the court house and dumped on the judges bench, that did the trick.

You can’t use this technique too often. Everything can’t be that important, otherwise you’ll be in danger of being like the boy that cried wolf…ignored when you need need it most. But when you do use it, it can be a powerful technique that can drive home a point like no other (and if done right, won’t soon be forgotten).

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