The Three Components of Trust

In my experience, trust is made up of three components

1) Character  2) Competency  and 3) Relationship

Let’s review these in order…


Moral excellence and firmness as in “a man of sound character” Is this person honest with themselves and others? What is their reputation? What is your experience in working with them? Do you think they have yours and the organizations best interest at heart…or do they have another agenda?


Is this person good at what they do? Do they strive for excellence? Do they work both efficiently and effectively? Can they work unsupervised?  Are they clear in their communication? Are they consistent in their work? Do they work diligently…or do they dump and run?


How are they when dealing with people? Do they get a lot done, but leave a wake of hurt feelings and destruction in their wake? How do they take constructive feedback? Are they consistently making deposits into the relationship…or is the relational bank account constantly “overdrawn.”

If someone has strong character, exhibits competency, and contributes to the relationship, you’ve found gold. Surround yourself with these kind of people and work hard to be this kind of person. Hopefully you have this kind of person on your leadership team.

If there is a deficiency in any of these areas, be aware. If doesn’t mean you don’t give the benefit of the doubt…it just mean you keep both eyes open.

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