Inspired and Convicted

Yesterday I had a chance to spend the day at the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas. It’s a big tech/hardware show for video/photography, etc.

At the Canon booth, they had a 15 minute behind-the-scenes short film, featuring 3 different story tellers, talking about their equipment, philosophy of shooting, etc. The third story was both inspiring and convicting.

I can’t find the video that they showed at the NAB show, but this article and the 3 minute video clip below will give you the general feel.


It’s a compelling story, told by the folks from Still Motion, of a little girl’s efforts to free 500 children from slavery by selling lemonade. The film is called Stand With Me.

The storytelling was INSPIRING. The quality of the cinematography was BREATHTAKING. The investment of time, money, equipment and work that it took to capture that story must have been MASSIVE.

What was convicting to me, was there was no Gospel. No Jesus. No lasting Good News. Yet all around us, there are people that are in bondage to sin that need to be set free.

And we’re apathetic.

We have the greatest story ever told that is being played out IN REAL TIME on the front lines of our churches and mission fields…and for the most part, the church is doing a lousy job of capturing and telling these stories.

How much MORE effort, MORE time and MORE resources should be spent by Christians telling the story of the ONE who can truly set people free?

Count me in.

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