Small / Medium / Large

Small / Medium / Large is my “shorthand” for recognizing diversity, categorizing and gaining perspective on many aspects of life and communications.

Photography (and Videography)Establishing / Medium / Close-up Shots
Pace: Slow / Medium / Fast
Volume: Soft / Medium / Loud
Size: Small / Medium / Large
Weight: Light / Average / Heavy
Distance: Close/ Reasonable / Far
Temperature: Cold / Room Temperature / Hot
Preference: Like It / Love It / Gotta Have It
Illumination: Dark / Medium / Bright
Money: Cheap / Average / Expensive
GTD Perspectives  (Getting Things Done): 0 feet (runway) / 20,000 feet (goals) / 50,000 ft (purpose)

Just like Goldilocks And The Three Bears, you will find there is some combination that feels “just right” for you. But, you have to recognize (and learn to appreciate) that different people have different preferences. You may like going fast, but someone else might like going slow. You like the lights bright, but someone else likes them dim. It’s this diversity and differences that keeps life interesting….and makes the world go round.

When you find yourself stuck or in a rut or you feel uninspired, try taking inventory and look at where you are at…small / medium / large. Then try mentally moving categories. What if you made it bigger, brighter and louder? What if you made it smaller, quieter and lighter? Often you’ll find this change of perspective is just what you need to keep things moving and bring new energies to your efforts.

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