FOLLOW ME: Components Of An All Church Campaign

Recently our church did a 7-week focus using the Follow Me material by David Platt. For those of you who are not familiar with David Platt, he is is an impassioned speaker who has a passion for making disciples…and seeing others share their faith.

The goal was to get get the entire church involved…everyone from our upper elementary (4th grade) to our Senior Adults. In addition to the Sunday morning message, we wanted to start new small groups, Sunday morning and Sunday evening classes for people to watch the DVDs and interact with the material.

Oh, did I mention people had to buy their own study material?

People watch what you DO as much as what you SAY.  As I wrote in Sometimes Volume Speaks Volume, if you want to let  people know something is important, sometimes you have to over emphasize. If you don’t go out of your way to make something a big deal, why should they?

Here is a list of the some of areas that the Communications Department contributed to help support this all church campaign.

Branded Graphics

The series came well branded with the spotted cross and tan background. While we considered it, rather than developing our own look, we went with what came in the Follow Me Church Kit. For added flexibility we did trace the graphic so we had an vector Adobe Illustrator file.

FollowMePlatt_web graphic


To help brand the campus and let people immediately know that something was different from the moment they drove on campus, we printed large signs that were hung at all of the entrances. These stayed up for 7 weeks. I was pleased how they held up under the sprinklers and UV sunlight. We did have to clean off the bird poop once a week.

IMG_6571 (Medium)
Yes,  I accidentally installed this sign upside-down. Yes, I fixed it right after we snapped this picture : )

IMG_6098 (Medium)

IMG_6097 (Medium)


There is no better way to help get people to share your message and “buy in” to your cause, than selling T-Shirts. To save money (and up the cool factor) we went with two colors on a black shirt.

IMG_6427 (Medium)

Stage Design

We made a custom GOBO to shine behind the preacher and worship band.

gobo (Medium)
gobo 2 (Medium)

Special Sundays

To keep things interesting, and to help make the weeks different and fun, we added some special elements to help people get involved at a different level than a normal Sunday.

Selfie Sunday  – Let people show they are participating in the Follow Me study in a fun way. To help encourage participation we offered prizes for the top three selfies and had our high schoolers available to help people work their camera phones. We also had a special email ( ) so people could send us their photo or they could use the #TrinityFollowMe hashtag on Facebook or Instagram.

Suit-up Sunday – We are a very casually dressed Southern California church. To mix things up we decided to dress up for Mother’s Day!

Selfless Sunday – To balance out Selfie Sunday and to think beyond our church walls, we partnered with YouthHope and collected “backpack food” for at-risk teens.

On Selfless Sunday we also commissioned all our summer short term mission trips.

Sundae Sunday – In celebration of the completion of the Follow Me series, we enjoyed ice cream sundaes between services!SS

Social Media #TrinityFollowMe

From the get go, we settled on the hashtag #TrinityFollowMe. We preloaded Facebook  (which automatically feeds our Twitter account) to post a quote from the days reading. On Sunday we we posted the bible verse.


Even our Spanish ministry, Fuente de Vida, joined us on our Follow Me journey. Since the graphics that came with the church kit were only in English, we needed to come up with our own Spanish graphic.

FollowMePlatt_WFCov_SPANISH - square - Copy (Medium)

Spotify Playlist

spotifyTo help us focus and worship, Worship Ministries created this Follow Me playlist. People could download the songs individually on iTunes or listen for free on Spotify!

Let’s Be Beautiful by Tim Timmons
All That I Am by Rend Collective (n/a on Spotify)
Gladly Would I Leave Behind Me by Sovereign Grace
This Changes Everything by Matt Papa
Lift High the Name of Jesus by Keith & Kristyn Getty
Christ is Enough by Hillsong Live
Lay Me Down by Chris Tomlin
Follow You by Leeland & Brandon Heath
You’re Worth it All by Gateway Worship
I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin
My Life is an Offering by Sovereign Grace Music
Come What May by Matt Boswell (n/a on Spotify)
Now is the Time for Us by Worship Central
Like Incense/Sometimes by Step by Hillsong Live
Hear the Call of the Kingdom by Keith & Kristyn Getty

Digital Wall Paper

photo 4 - webWe created these FREE Follow Me wallpapers for computer, phone and tablet.

Mac/PC Wallpaper

iPhone/iPad (best used as a graphic for your lock screen)


Memory Verse Bookmark

To help encourage people to memorize the scripture that went with each lesson, we passed out bookmarks with all the verses.

Follow Me Verse BookMark

Blank Check

One of the examples David Platt uses is offering God a “blank check”, symbolizing your willingness to surrender your life to Him. To help drive this point home, on the last Sunday we gave everyone a blank check that they could sign and put somewhere that would remind them of their commitment.


Recap Video

Created with Animoto, we showed this video the last Sunday of the study.

So How Did We Do?

Only eternity will truly tell the impact this series had on our church. That said, to try and translate Follow Me into numbers:

  • We sold over 670 Follow Me Study Books
  • 140 T-Shirts (SOLD OUT)
  • Over 50 Follow me DVD sets (that people would share with another group)
  • 140 participated in the Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening groups
  • Over 90 home small groups all over the Redlands, Highland and Yucaipa areas.

4 thoughts on “FOLLOW ME: Components Of An All Church Campaign

  1. Hey Bruce. From my perspective, five things make the “All Church Campaign” different from a sermon series:
    1. It begins with the pastoral staff team committing to an effort that applies to the whole church – all ages and stages. In this case, ours was focused on discipleship.
    2. Leadership of all areas and levels must know the vision and mission. Therefore, we had leadership team meetings where we conveyed our purpose, plans, and objectives.
    3. Vision casting needed to start earlier. Weeks ahead of the start date, we promoted involvement and sold workbooks, put out posters, etc.
    4. Cross-ministry involvement was promoted with the idea that we’re ‘All in.’ . Parents were encouraged to have discussions with their children, church gatherings on Sundays were given themes to play up the idea that ‘We’re doing this together.” (e.g. On ‘Selfie Sunday’ high-schoolers were on the plaza helping older adults take and post a selfie)
    5. The purpose and objectives are broader. The purpose of unification and broad vision casting impacts all ages and stages.
    Steve Springsted

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