Take A PEEK At Your Website


When a total stranger takes a look at your website, wouldn’t you like to know what is going on in their mind? For most of us, usability testing is a nice idea, but is a step that doesn’t really happen. At least not as thoroughly as it  should. While usability testing has been around for decades, you can now do testing easier than ever.

PEEK (still in beta as of this writing ) is your chance to get a “peek” into the mind of a real live user. Via a 5-minute video, a total stranger will give you a first blush impression of your desktop website, mobile site or app. It’s super fast (you’ll get your results in about an hour) and FREE.

“We believe the web would be a better place if websites were built with the input of the people using them. Out of this belief, the UserTesting research platform was born. Peek is free because we think the best way to spark your interest in this platform is to let you see the magic of usability testing in action.” More>>

I submitted both our desktop and mobile sites for review. (You can submit up to three websites a month.) It’s fascinating to hear real folks talk out loud as they process your site. They aren’t afraid to express their opinions either. I must admit, it is an eye opening experience. Both users were interested in easy access to our Statement of Faith.

Desktop Website Review

Mobile Website Review

While a 5 minute review won’t tell you everything, (the UserTesting folks would be happy to sell you an upgraded extended review) it’s a good reminder that everyday new people are are viewing our site and making judgement s along the way. Your goal is to be intentional, clear and avoid “insider language,” is a good thing…and sometimes the best way to find out what’s really happening is to hear it from an outsider.


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