What NOT To Wear On Video


Dear Pastor ________________ ,

I have a few guidelines of what NOT to wear when you know you are going to be on camera. These guidelines are not intended to crush your style or creativity. We want to partner with you to help eliminate unnecessary distractions and we want you to look your best on camera (IMAG, livestream, DVD and digital recordings).

Please DO NOT wear:

  1. White or cream. (it makes you glow on screen)
  2. Plaid or thin stripes. (it freaks out the camera with a rainbow moiré effect)
  3. Black or dark navy blue. (it makes you look like a floating head)

What should you wear?

Solid colors or large prints works best. Warm colors like muted oranges or reds, green, brown or even a medium blue would be wonderful. If you have any questions (or you want to bring in a shirt to see if it gets a thumbs up) you know where to find me.

Thank you,

Media Team

2 thoughts on “What NOT To Wear On Video

    1. Greg, this isn’t picking on anyone in particular : ) I had the same conversation with Gary, Mark and virtually everyone that’s taken the stage. I’ve even offered to BUY a pastor more camera friendly shirts! There are distractions we CAN’T control and there are distractions we CAN. This is one, with a little bit of thought and pre-planning, we can.

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